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The Most Sophisticated Trading Indicators On the Market Combining Smart Money Concepts and Advanced Institutional Trading Behavior Into 3 Unique Indicators

DynaPro AlgoPro

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ProAlgo is the flagship indicator that combines 22 features into one unique system. ProAlgo provides precision trend based Buy/Sell signals that work on all asset classes and all time frames.

  • Advanced Buy/Sell Filters
  • Precision Take Profit Alerts
  • Reversion Bands
  • Auto Support and Resistance
  • Intuitional Supply and Demand Zones

ProAlgo Oscillator

ProAlgo Oscillator is the perfect indicator to provide additional confirmation for your trades. The Oscillator focuses on identification of likely areas of buying and selling determine by volume, price, momentum, and past historical trends.

  • Stochastic Buy/Sell Alerts
  • Hidden and Normal Divergences
  • Oversold and Overbought Alerts
  • Trend Based Colorization
ProAlgo Oscillator


ProConcepts is the most advanced Smart Money Concepts Indicator out there. It uses the teachings from ICT to incorporate a trading system that market makers use against the average retail investor on a daily basis.

  • Market Structure Trending
  • Automated Fair Value Gaps
  • Session Based Liquidity Zones
  • Automated Order Blocks
  • Liquidity Trap Alert Candles
Smart Money

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